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Cuba Museum of Fine Arts

Curator Competition

~ the task ~

In this quest, you will answer the following question:

Dear Applicant:

We have received your application and resume regarding the position of Curator of the Cuba Museum of Art. When you arrive for your personal interview, please have with you a portfolio for the museum's first exhibition on the theme:

How are Events and Society reflected in an Art Movement?

The exhibit must contain the following:

  • A design of the "Gallery Space", which will show the physical layout of the museum and the location of the artwork.
  • Eight works of art (paintings, illustrations, sculptures, etc.) from a particular ‘school’ that express a social and/or cultural theme.
  • Explain the purpose of the exhibition, which is to show the inter-relatedness (connection) of the historical, political, social and cultural forces and events of the time, and the artistic movement(s) of the same time period.
  • A "Timeline" may be submitted which will include the same information as the "Gallery Space."
  • Reflective Paper that defends the statement: How does an art movement reflect the history of its time? The paper must be a minimum length of 3 pages, but not more than 5 pages in length. All work must cited and must follow the MLA guidelines.
  • An Oral Presentation of the paper must be presented in which you will explain and defend the analysis contained in your portfolio. You may use a computer-based presentation if you wish.