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Cuba Museum of Fine Arts

Curator Competition

~ the process ~
I. Research:  You will begin researching art movements for the time period between 1750 and 1950. During this process you will choose the decade you will work with and begin to develop the Gallery Space or Timeline
A. Identify an art movement. Use the overview and the list that were given out, and discussed, in class. Define the art movement within the confines of a historical perspective
B. Create a Thesis statement
II. Visual:  You will design and develop the visual component of your portfolio. Choose one of the types below:
Use the Inspiration template, or design your own, to create a Gallery Space.
  • Primary source: introduction to the Gallery Space. Definition of the art movement.
  • Historical connections with the art movement.
  • Use the Inspiration template, or design your own, to create a Timeline.
  • Identify a decade between 1750 and 1950.
  • Identify one primary source quote to describe the era.
  • Identify the prevailing art movement of the era.
  • Identify relevant art examples before and after the chosen decade.
  • Locate visual examples of the art movement.
  • Include and identify major historical and political movements.
  • Include and identify major literary and musical works.
  • Include and identify major scientific and technological advances.