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Cuba Museum of Fine Arts

Curator Competition

~ the gallery ~


A design of the "Gallery Space", which will show the physical layout of the museum and the location of the artwork.

Eight works of art (paintings, illustrations, sculptures, etc.) from a particular ‘school’ that express a social and/or cultural theme.

Explain the purpose of the exhibition, which is to show the inter-relatedness (connection) of the historical, political, social and cultural forces and events of the time, and the artistic movement(s) of the same time period.

  • A successfull gallery PowerPoint shall have 10 slides.
  • One (1) introductory slide corresponding to the entrance of the gallery that describes your time period.
  • The eight (8) following slides must be limited to one piece of artwork per slide. Each slide must address all of the information listed below. The bibliography must be appropriate to the source. Internet bibliographies must be appropriately cited using the MLA format. Paper or traditional sources each have their own order. You must use that format to get points for your bibliography. (Hint:: Keep a file of favorites, export it to a word document and cut and paste it into the bibliography page, then make the additions required to fulfill the bibliographical format requirements.)
Entrance to gallery: 
Overview of art movement
Relationship to corresponding historical period
Map pinpointing location
Gallery Space Template
Identification Label
Title,artist, date, place of origin
Objective Description
Figure, portrait, landscape, genre, stilllife
Creation of Emphasis
Relationships between elements in the composition
Technical aspects of the artwork- ,
line, color, value, shape or form, space and texture.
Answer the following questions:
How was the painting/artwork used during its time?
Is there a narrative? Describe the narrative.
If it is not a narrative:
What is the content, theme?
What are the supporting elements in the image?