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Google Art Project
Visible Thinking

Welcome to Color Matters

Arts and Social Studies

Roots in the Sawdus Writing to Learn across the Curriculum

Teaching English Through the Arts
VTS Visual Thinking Strategies
Artcyclopedia The Fine Art Search Engine
Art & Design at KS3, KS4, GCSE & AS-A2 level by Julia Stubbs
Art in the School, Inc. - Open the doors to learning & education through the visual arts.
Hans Hofmann . Lesson Plan One Color in 3-D A Nature Design Project PBS
contemporary ceramic art and pottery
Portraiture and Technology - An Educator's Reference Desk Lesson Plan
The Basics of Landscape Composition Rule of Thirds, Golden Section.
Wayne Jiang Sketch Books
Welcome to Daneldon.org
What Did They Say Interpretation of Criticism - An Educator's Reference Desk Lesson Plan
Window - Drawing in One-Point Perspective


Aegean Page
Uiniversity of Minnesota
Art Collector
Etruscan Art
Free 3D Models of Great Buildings - Great Buildings Online
Guggenheim Museum
Index of artists and architects. Digital Imaging Project Art historical images of European and North American architecture and
J-E Berger Foundation World Art Treasures
Masters of Photography
MoMA The Museum of Modern Art
Michigan- University of
Mpls Inst Arts -Walker Art Center
National Gallery of Art - The Collection
New Orleans Museum of Art
Uffizi Gallery
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Seattle Art Museum
Site officiel du musée du Louvre
Smithsonian Institution
Tate Online British and international modern art
The Art History Research Centre
The Art Institute of Chicago
The Getty - http--www.getty.edu
The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Works of Art
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Web Gallery of Art, image collection, virtual museum, searchable database of European fine arts (1100-1850)
Web Gallery of Art
Welcome to www.Georgeortiz.com
Whitney Museum of American Art
World Religions in Art
Department of Art History - Faculty - S. Hollis Clayson
New American Paintings
Tate Online British and international modern art
Teacher Programs

Art History Documents


Artcyclopedia The Fine Art Search Engine
Guide to Philosophy on the Internet (Suber)
History-Social Studies Web Site for K-12 Teachers
Internet African History Sourcebook
Internet Ancient History Sourcebook Main Page
Internet East Asian History Sourcebook
Internet Global History Sourcebook
Internet Indian History Sourcebook
Internet Islamic History Sourcebook
Internet Jewish History Sourcebook
Internet Modern History Sourcebook Main Page
Internet Women's History Sourcebook
Medieval Sourcebook Selected Sources Index
The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
WebMuseum Bienvenue! (Welcome from the curator)

computer assisted art

Multimedia Resources

computer terms

Webopedia Online Computer Dictionary for Computer and Internet Terms and Definitions


Tom's Hardware Guide

TechWeb The Business Technology Network


10 Big Myths about copyright explained
Copyright on the Internet
Copyright Website
NEA Today Inside Scoop Nov. 1997
Stanford Copyright & Fair Use Center

curriculum mapping

curriculum map software
Download Worksheets
Info on Atlas


Anarchiste Couronné Photos - Crowned Anarchist Photos
Beaubourg - Les Halles , Paris


BBC - Painting the Weather
Revs New Tate Gallery in London 2005 Tate Modern
Tate Modern - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tate Modern Gallery London 2004 Olafur Eliasson - The Weather Project Revs


internet public library


Internet Public Library








EDSITEment - Lesson Plan


bigchalk's HomeworkCentral The_Five_Canons_of_Rhetoric-Style-Style_II_Qualities_of_Style
Cherry Hill Public Schools Standards
English Language Arts
language Arts Lesson Plans and Resources
Language Arts Lesson Plans
Lesson Plans (page 2)
Quoteland Random Quotes
Spelling Words, Lessons, and Worksheets for Grade Seven!
The Chaucer MetaPage Audio Files
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
The Confederate Flag, by All of the Top Cartoonists!
Way out Communication
Word Search Wizardry


AdCritic.com Commercial Ads


architecture project


Art21 . Student Art Project #7 Drawing Place PBS
Cable in the Classroom - Search Detail
The Ecology of the Learning Environment Anne Taylor
The Golden Mean vasht.net
The Golden Mean, Online Art Instruction
The Golden Mean


Art Education


Art21 . Education . Teaching Materials PBS
The Impressionists Classroom


audio production


Audio The Big Picture
emplive.org - Explore - Features - Hendrix and Dylan
Nickelodeon - The Big Help



community involvement


Nickelodeon - The Big Help


design in nature


chambered nautilus


Chambered Nautilus image
Chambered Nautilus
Detroit Zoological Society - Nautilus Floor
Ivars Peterson's MathTrek - Sea Shell Spirals
John Templeton Foundation About the Foundation The Chambered Nautilus
Large seashells, sea shells, shellcraft, Craft Shells Page 1
Legacy Matters™ Ship of Pearl, Coils of Time
Math Trek Sea Shell Spirals, Science News Online, April 2, 2005
nautilus profile
PBS - The Voyage of the Odyssey - Track the Voyage - Papua New Guinea
RPO -- Oliver Wendell Holmes The Chambered Nautilus
Sea and Sky Chambered Nautilus
The Chambered Nautilus
The Inventure Group About Us


golden mean


Fibonacci Numbers and The Golden Section in Art, Architecture and Music
Golden Mean - Phi - Western Colorado Math & Science Center
golden mean
Golden ratio - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Odd Golden Section
San Graal School of Sacred Geometry
The 'Phinest' source to the golden section, golden mean, divine proportion, Fibonacci series and phi. Explore its application t
The Golden Mean - Proportion 1
The Golden Mean or Section
The Golden Mean


Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna


Educational Media


A&E Classroom
Cable in the Classroom - Default
Cable in the Classroom - Media Literacy 101
Cable in the Classroom - Thinking Critically about Media
CNN StudentNews
FRONTLINE-WORLD . Watch . Watch on the Web PBS
GE Healthcare - Brain Navigation , ad, advert visit4info TV-Cinema
NOVA Teachers PBS
Rhino Records - Your One Stop Pop Culture Shop
teacher.nick.com - Your Classroom Connection to Nick
Technology News, Science News Technology & Science News Articles
Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus
USA NETWORK Give Where You Live
Welcome to unitedstreaming™


Flash Technology


Flash Kit, A Flash Developer Resource - Online resource for Macromedia Flash Tutorials SWF FLA images clip art Sounds WAVS Anim
Untitled Document


media literacy


Cable in the Classroom - Five important things to remember
Cable in the Classroom - Thinking Critically about Media
Center for Media Literacy
Generation M Media in the Lives of 8-18 Year-olds - Kaiser Family Foundation
GPN Leading Source of Classroom Video & Educational Media
Grokker - A New Way to Look at Search
Media Literacy Online Project
Module 4
TeacherSource . Media Literacy . Related Studies PBS
Techlearning The New Literacy September 15, 2004


organic architecture


organicARCHITECT organic



special needs


Audio, Video, and Special Needs


tv production


Applying an Old Movie Effect to Your Video, Part 1
AtomFilms Watch the best short films & animations -- free!#out#out - out#out
Audio & Video Production in the Classroom
CTV Video Archives
Digital TV - A Cringely Crash Course
Filmmaking, Professional Development, Classroom Resources - The Director in the Classroom
Free Stock Footage - Disasters - Explosions - Royalty Free Video Clips
http--www.webster-city.k12.ia.us-hs-art-wctv-Story Design.PDF
Video Online
Webmonkey multimedia video


vatican project


Buddhist Studies WWW VL
Ethics Resource Center
Ethics Updates Home Page.  Moral theory; relativism; pluralism; religion; egoism; utilitarianism; deontology; duty; human right
Krishna Paintings
The Holy See
Virtual Jerusalem - Jewish life, Israel, Judaism, News and more
Welcome to Discovery Education
World Religions in Art


web searching


Four Nets for Better Searching






APA Books
APA Citation Format


ECOMP 5016 MultiMedia


Education World ® Curriculum The Educator's Guide to Copyright and Fair Use
Open Source Initiative OSI - Welcome
PBS TeacherLine . Resources . Consider This Archive PBS
The Eric Eldred Act


Ecomp 5100


cable in the classroom


Cable in the Classroom
Lessons Online CIC Magazine


George Lucas Educational Foundation


The George Lucas Educational Foundation




Introduction to Math and Spreadsheets
Spreadsheets in the Classroom


Blackboard Courses
Blackboard Resource Center
Computers as Tutors Solving the Crisis in Education
Multiple Intelligences for Adult Literacy
T.H.E. Journal Online Technological Horizons in Education


ecomp 6100 bot graphs


final real lives


Educational Simulations-Interactive Life Simulation Software
NETS for Students


Behavior Over Time Graphs
LCSI - Solutions



grant proposal



VUE Research Studies
VUE Visual Understanding in Education




cost of tech in ed articles


AEL Inc. - K12 Educational Technology System Total Cost of Ownership Calculator
ARL Office of Scholarly Communication
ARL's Scholarly Communication and Technology Project Endnotes
ARL's Scholarly Communication and Technology Project
Change So, how much do educational technologies really cost (Technology).(Industry Overview)
Component Display Theory
Consortium for School Networking
Educational Technology Planning 2
Educational Technology Planning
etrac educational technology research and assessment cooperative
Learning Through Technology
Lessons Based on Component Display Theory
The Cost of School-Based Educational Technology Programs
UNESCO - Education for All - EFA 2000 Assessment - Thematic Studies - Techno
VDOE Office of Educational Technology
Virginia Department of Education, Instructional Media and Training, Ninth Annual Educational Te


A Discrepancy Survey Seven Dimensions for Gauging Progress
Distance Learning in Education - K-12 Schools - Electronic Resources - WCET
eSchool News
Research and Graduate Programs (RGP)
TC 98 The Link to Higher Scores
Walmart.com - Authoring Tools for Advanced Technology Learning Environments Toward Cost-Effecti


task 6 seminar hackers


backflip additions


What Do You Do When Employees Cry 'Hacker!' - Mar 22, 2000 - CIO Opinion - CIO


Backflip My Folders
Can Universities Ever Be Safe From Hackers
CNN In-Depth Specials - Hackers - Q&A with Emmanuel Goldstein of 2600
CNN In-Depth Specials - Hackers - Q&A with IBM's Charles Palmer
CNN In-Depth Specials - Hackers - Two Views of Hacking
CNN.com - Security firm MyDoom worm fastest yet - Jan. 28, 2004
Computer Hacking and Ethics
EFF Homepage
Foil the Hackers A Security Maven Discusses the Impossible
McGraw-Hill - Hacking Exposed Network Security Secrets & Solutions, Fourth Edition
Using Computers for Educational Freedom
What is a Hacker


A Discrepancy Survey Seven Dimensions for Gauging Progress
AEL Inc. - K12 Educational Technology System Total Cost of Ownership Calculator
Downloading Squeak...
HighBeam Research - Registration
Office of Educational Technology (OET)


mimi ECOMP 7007




Download 20-20


Blackboard 5 Entry Page
Blackboard Courses
www.4teachers.org KeyNotes Nobody believes it's the quick-fix


AIB Admissions Financial Aid
Blackboard 5 Entry Page
Blackboard Resource Center
Blackboard5 Lesley University
Course Descriptions by faculty
Curriculum in a Global Context index
FastWeb My Scholarship Search Results
Lesley College Technology in Education course descriptions
Lesley University Financial Aid (617)349-8710
Lesley University Graduate Admissions Office
Lesley University Policies
Lesley University Registrar's Office
Student Guide - Bursar
Technology in Education Online Master's with Certification and Master's-Only Programs for Teach


lesson plans


abc teach-Sites for Teachers
Asking Essential Questions
CEC Lesson Plans
China Dim Sum Write Your Own Folk or Fairy Tale Lesson
EDSITEment - The Best of the Humanities on the Web
Education Place Activity Make a Multi-Cultural Calendar
Essential Questions -- Information Problem-Solving Projects
Facing Fear Lesson Plan Information Form
GSH GeoGame Project
Hopi Pottery, pottery from the Hopi mesas, from the most famous Hopi pottery families.
Hopi-Tewa Vessels Selected American Indian Artifacts (Getty ArtsEdNet)
How to build Your First Web Site-Barnes & Noble University
http--kennedy.byu.edu-modelun-graphics-Parliamentary Procedure Skill Lesson.pdf
Just Teach It! Sample 4
Learning Skills Program - Bloom's Taxonomy
Lesson Planet - Lesson Plans Directory
Lesson Symbols to Sculptures
MarcoPolo - Internet Content for the Classroom
Picasso's Guernica Unveiled
print projects
Research Papers
Sites for Teachers
techLEARNING.com Technology & Learning - The Resource for Education Technology Leaders
The Gateway to Educational Materials
The Lesson Plans Page - Art Lesson Plans, Art Ideas, and Art Activities
The Lesson Plans Page - Over 1,000 FREE Lesson Plans!
The Lesson Plans Page - Over 2,000 FREE Lesson Plans!
Wed design and development Barnes & Noble University












Ku Klux Klan spartacus
Ku Klux Klan
White Camelia Knights of the Ku Klux Klan


March on Montgomery


CT Classic The March to Montgomery - Christianity Today Magazine





New Standards and Benchmarks




Non violence


Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862) A Guide to Resources on Henry David Thoreau and Transcendentali


Reading list bibliography






Change in Black Segregation In The South (1954-98) - Vol. 16 No. 1 - Rethinking Schools Online


Sharecropper photos


Sharecropper Photos LOC





About the Museum
Blackboard 5
Blackboard5 Academic Web Resources
CensusScope -- Racial Segregation Statistics for Cities and Metropolitan Areas
Civics Online - [Re]Envisioning the Democratic Community
Civil Rights A Status Report (Introduction)
Civil Rights Annotated Bibliography CIVNET.org
EDSITEment - Lesson Plan
EDSITEment - Lesson Plans
Greensboro Sit Ins Launch of a Civil Rights Movement
Historic Context for the African American Military Experience (July 1998) Cover
History Matters The U.S. Survey on the Web
I Have A Dream
Internet Public Library
KODAK Powerful Days in Black and White
Letter from Birmingham Jail
Little Rock Central High 40th Anniversary
NARA Digital Classroom Main Page
October 2003 11.0 Standard http--www.civiced.org-pdfs-scopeBySection-level11.pdfPHPSESSID=52a1a
sharecroppers loc
SNCC 1960-1966 Six years of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee
Stories of the Military - Stories to be Told - African American History in Your National Park S
The History of Jim Crow
The Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project
The Official Website of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
The Seattle Times Martin Luther King Jr.
ThinkQuest Internet Challenge Library Entry
TITLE 42 , CHAPTER 21 , SUBCHAPTER VI , Sec. 2000e.
U.S. Constitution - Amendment XIV
Up Against Authentic History
Welcome to Socialstudies4u.com




Historical Map Web Sites - Perry-Castañeda Map Collection - UT Library Online
Historical Maps - Perry-Castañeda Map Collection - UT Library Online
Near East Maps - Maps of the Ancient Near East and Middle






Classical Piano Midi Page - Chopin
The Internet Renaissance Band - Renaissance Music



New Folder



online applications


Career Opportunities in Bellevue Schools
WAteach - Teaching Jobs, Teaching Careers, Education Employment


Online Resources


Citation Machine -- Landmarks for Schools
Landmarks for Schools Words of Humankind -- Literature
techLEARNING.com Technology & Learning - The Resource for Education Technology Leaders


paper projects


Card Modeling FAQ
Paper Toys - Paper Cut-Outs - Custom Paper Models at PaperToys.com




Podcasts on MSNBC.com - News Tools - MSNBC.com


political websites


Americans for Energy Independence (ei2025.org)
BarrelsOfBlood.com - It's Time To Stop The Bleeding
Beyond DeLay Report Summaries Beyond Delay
BuzzFlash - Daily Headlines and Breaking News
Crooks and Liars
Free Radio Santa Cruz 101.1 FM
Google Search iraq apartheid mercenaries
Guardian Unlimited
Homeland Security omits right-wing threats - SourceWatch
Leonard Clark, National Guardsman
Maps The Impact of Hurricane Katrina - New York Times
Peace House needs Crawford Peace House
Plastic Revolution
Pro-Democrat Progressive Anti-Right Wing Products
Rise of the Religious Right in the Republican Party
The Blogging of the President
The Downing Street Memo The text
The Huffington Post The Blog
The Left Coaster
The Raw Story A rational voice - Alternative news
WesPAC Securing America
White Rose - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wonkette, Politics for People with Dirty Minds




American Experience The Time of the Lincolns Americans at War
Antique Civil War Portraits
Civil War Band Music Photo Gallery
Civil War Portrait Index
Civil War Portraits
Daguerreotype Portraits
Famous Civil War Generals Portraits, North and South
Ken Burns Civil War . Portraits PBS
Portraits of Henry VIII and his Family




Chinese Proverbs
Chinese Sayings and Proverbs
Okana's Web Bigos Page - Okana's Web - Polish and Slavic Paganism and Pagan Beliefs




Creative Quotations for Creative Thinking


reading esl


International Reading Association Education Links International Resources
Online Degrees in Languages Linguists and English Second Language (ESL)
Programs and Degrees University of Texas
Programs and Degrees
Word Search Wizardry



research grants


Fellowship Opportunities
Getty Grant Program Fellowship Opportunities
UF Technology Grants Service 3




Core Knowledge - Home
Massachusetts Department of Education - Teachers
Zeal Frame - http--www.att.com-foundation-programs-education.html




Presentation Rubric Generator



Social Studies


civil rights


What Would X Do A Civil Rights WebQuest


1960s Cluster Timeline
60's Project TEACH 21C - PBU Index - PBU Details
AFRICA - Teacher Tools
America A nation of Immigrants
Baseball Project TEACH 21C - PBU Index - PBU Details
Blackboard 5
Blackboard Courses
Declaration of Independence Webquest
EDSITEment - Lesson Plan
Homer Illiad Webquest
India's Caste System Webquest
KET Living the Story Civil Rights Webquest
Lewis and Clark
Matrix Resources
NOVA Online-Pyramids-Khufu-Khufu's Inside Story
Project TEACH 21C - PBU Index - PBU Details
Project TEACH 21C - Project-Based Unit Index
Pyramids EDSITEment - Lesson Plan
Social Studies School Service Activities
Thanksgiving CyberChallenge
The Emma Goldman Papers Curriculum Immigration
The Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project
Transportation and the expansion of America
Unionville History Project
Up Against Authentic History
WebQuest - Create Your Own Sumerian City-State
World History HyperHistory




Naturesongs Digital Recordings from Nature!


State Technology


RETA--Regional Educational Technology Assistance





Books for Creative Teaching, teacher books, teaching books, education books
Country Reports, for Countries Around the World!
Curriculum Standards
History-Social Science Content Standards for California Public Schools, Kindergarten to Grade T
Language Arts Resources for Teachers
Rethinking Schools Online
teacher lesson plans, teaching resources, education Teachnet.com
Teacher-Training.net - Online ESL Certificate Programs
Worksheets, Teaching Tips, and Rubrics from TeAch-nology.com


technology in education


online projects


Adobe Web Tech Curriculum
Ancient Egypt - The British Museum
Elementary Lesson
Pilgrims' Lives
The Travel Buddies Project
ThinkQuest Library


special needs


Thomas Armstrong, Ph.D. Home Page


Tech in Social Studies


#12 techLEARNING.com Technology & Learning - The Resource for Education Technology Leaders
Map Resources - Atlapedia Online
Teacher Notes
techLEARNING.com Technology & Learning - The Resource for Education Technology Leaders
World History HyperHistory


Ambrit Rome International School
China Dim Sum A Connection to Chinese-American Culture
Classroom Connect Community - Email List Archives
Copyright Tips and Issues
ISTE's Resources
Journey North
Matrix Resources
MontagePlus - Online teacher guide
OLIT- Master's Program
Rainforest Field Trip
resources list
Shakespeare Field Trip Intro
techLEARNING.com Technology & Learning - The Resource for Education Technology Leaders
Textbooks for EDTech Online
The Day I Was Born -- Online Project
The I-Generation—From Toddlers to Teenagers A Conversation with Jane M. Healy -- Carol Tell
The Partnership for 21st Century Skills - New Mexico Public Education Department and New Mexico Council on Technology in Educat
Understanding by Design Exchange
Up Against Authentic History
Water Conservation Down the Drain!
Welcome To Decisions, Decisions Online
Welcome to JASON





FreeTranslation.com - Free Translation from English to Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch,


Travel Abroad


Institute of International Education
Student travel deals and cheap airfares
Transitions Abroad Study Abroad
Voyageur Educational Tours








Adobe Education Adobe Type Classics for Learning






Dustbowl WebQuest


AFT Web Resources Education Tools







small business


Advertising Webquest
Small Business WebQuest


America A nation of Immigrants
Dustbowl WebQuest
Where did my house come from




Absolutely Free Plans, woodworking clip art and how to information




John's Word Search Puzzles The Lord Of The Rings


Ecomp 6009 - Online
Ecomp 6009 Tutorial List


Webquest - Struggle for Civil Rights
Presentation - Creative Writing Project

Presentation - Industrial Revolution

Imperialism Webquest w/Publisher
Multiple Intelligences
Media Literacy
Elements and Principles
Civil Rights Project - The Long Walk


Discovery School
Digital History
Encyclopedia Britannica
Fashion History
Free Font Download
Library of Congress


Ecomp 6009 - Online
Ecomp 6009 Tutorial List